Thursday, October 18, 2018

Fabulous Fall!

I'm loving that Fall feels like it has officially started!  We're really in the swing of things and the kids have settled into the rhythm of changing classes.  Today is parent teacher conference and I'm looking forward to meeting the parents of all my awesome students!  This week is a short one, no school tomorrow!   I'd like to encourage everyone to join us on class dojo, it's such a great way to get near daily updates on what's going on!   October has lots of excitement at school.  Next week we'll have the fire trucks here and be talking fire safety on Wednesday.  Red ribbon week is coming up, a yellow sheet went home about it this week.     It will be October 22-26 and we'll be dressing up as follows: 
                    Monday – Pajama Day
                     Tuesday – Camo Day
                   Wednesday – Sports Day
                      Thursday – Twin Day
               Friday – Wear Red or Red Ribbon Shirt

We also are planning a class Halloween Party on October 31, details about it should have came home last week.  If your student would like to purchase pizza for the party please return your slip.  I'm attaching a copy of this weeks newsletter below.  Have a great weekend!

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Look at that class!

We just had to take a group shot since everyone was looking so fabulous for picture day! I  love how their personalities shine even on camera.  I'm so blessed to get to work them all the time.  

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

October is going to be a Scream!

October is my favorite month!  It brings so many fun things both in and out of school that sometimes its difficult to choose which to do first.   Since it's such a fabulous and fun month I wanted to make a quick post with all the things coming up!  

TOMORROW- October 4th is Picture Day!  Say cheese and bring back those order forms!

October 8 - NO SCHOOL It's a teacher work day.  Enjoy your day off!  👻

October 12 - Last day of the Quarter!  Whoa that went by fast!

October 18 - Half Day, Earthquake Drill, and Parent Teacher Conferences 

October 19 - NO SCHOOL - Enjoy your day off! 👻

October 25 - Newburg Family Night at the Zone 5-8pm $7.50 per person I hope to see you                         there! 

October 31 - Halloween Parade & Class Parties!  Be looking for a flyer about our                                       homeroom  party on Friday!

October also has Red Ribbon Week! If you'd like to purchase some spirit wear AND support our PBIS "Wolf Store"here is the link:

To learn more about Red Ribbon Week, go to This is a cause that the Newburg School District has been a part of for many years. We will be sending out additional information about our Red Ribbon Week activities in the coming weeks. This fundraiser will be supporting the Newburg PBIS Wolf Buck Store. It will allow us to continue to offer prizes for positive behaviors. For every dollar spent, the student will receive a matching Wolf Buck.For example, if the student spends 10 dollars on a T-shirt, then that student will receive 10 Wolf Bucks.

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Launching a Revolution & Biome Projects

This week may be my favorite one yet!  Third grade presented their Biome projects and overall they did fabulous.  It was so interesting to see the things each group found and the facts that they shared. 
To see the presentations click the links below!
Presentation 1  Presentation 2  Presentation 3 Presentation 4  Presentation 5 

After learning about Biomes we narrowed our focus down to habitats.  After being inspired by Ms. Frizzle and the Magic School Bus and their lesson on bullfrog habitats, we took off on a magical field trip of our own!  We pretended to climb aboard our magical invisible school bus and took off to the creek behind the school.  The kids spotted so many different creatures making their habitat in the creek area.  Upon their return they shared about seeing crawdads, spiders, fish, frogs, crickets, and more.  As super scientists they used their sense of hearing to listen and were able to identify a woodpecker, crickets, and frogs.  They were even sure they spotted Charlotte the Spider spinning her web (from "Charlotte's Web" the book they are reading with Mrs. Light).  Here are some pictures we took of the beautiful creek area we were able to explore!


While the third graders got familiar with nature the Fourth Graders were busy going back in time more than 200 years to the American Revolution.  They began learning about the American Revolution and its leaders.  As we read our book on the the American Revolution and learned about General George Washington leading his Patriots to victory we also learned lots of vocabulary, practiced making inferences about things in the book, and began to get a clearer picture of the war.  We even had a little fun doing it!  Today the students discovered a spy was in our midst and as we worked and read they attempted to determine who the spy was and tried to catch me passing important information to them.  As we learn more about the impact communications had on the Revolutionary War and more about the war it's self the students will be working with Mrs. Austin to create newspaper articles as they might have appeared during that time period.  If anyone knows of a Revolutionary War enthusiast I'd love for you to comment below or send me their information!  

Friday, September 14, 2018

Third grade took Missouri to new heights!

A couple weeks ago the third graders learned about Elevation Maps.  To help us really understand what all those colored blobs on the maps meant we got our hands a little (ok a lot!) dirty.  The kids all traced the outline of Missouri on to the bottom of pizza boxes and then used salt dough to form a real three dimensional map of Missouri.  They added higher areas roughly in the same places that the map showed higher elevation.  The kids had so much messy fun and seemed to understand the concept a lot better when they finished.   We'd hoped to paint them during art class this week but sadly we had a substitute and that didn't work out.  They couldn't wait to show their hard work off so today they took them home!  If anyone has acrylic or tempera paint at home feel free to paint them and send in a picture.  Here are just a few examples of their awesome work!   A special thanks goes out to the Rolla Little Caesar's Pizza for donating the pizza boxes for us!